Set of 3 Party Poppers

When it is Party, you need party bombers to bring the glamour and thrill. This ia a set of 3 Party Poppers filled with glitters which will enliven your Partry.



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  • Do you want to bring thrill to your party‚Ķ?
  • This is a set of 3 Party Poppers which can fill the whole party with thrill and enthusiasm.

  • These Party poppers is of 12 inches and are filled with sparkly sparkles.
  • The Party poppers must be bust in the air by twisting from the bottom.
  • BRAND: This ia a pack of 3 Party poppers, from the house of Brand OddnEve, making your celebrations brighter.

Additional information

Weight590 g
Dimensions14 × 29 × 13 cm


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