Party decorations for Birthday Boy

Do you want to celebrate Birthday of your Prince.This is the best pack you can get. This pack contains 1 Blue Birthday banner + 1 Foil balloon + 30 Multicolor Happy Birthday Latex balloons + 2 Blue Foil Curtains, which can decorate your home in the most beautiful way. Just move ahead and celebrate your big day…



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  • ABOUT: Do you want to celebrate the birthday of your prince. This is Party decorations for birthday Boy in Blue theme, which contains all what you require to decorate your home or room.
  • CONTENT: This Pack contains Blue Birthday banner + 1 Foil balloon + 30 Happy Birthday Multicolor latex balloons + 2 Blue Foil Curtains.

  • The Foil curtain will decorate the walls along with the Birthday banner. The Happy Birthday multicolour balloons can be decorated in the way you want. These will add glamour and brightness all around.
  • GREAT PICS: Want to capture a great birthday party Instagram picture ?? Buy this… click, post and tag us!!! You are just one step away.
  • Mesmersing set for the Birthday party of your prince from the house of Brand ‘OddnEve’, making your celebrations brighter.

Additional information

Weight270 g
Dimensions22 × 21 × 3 cm


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