Hulk theme Party decoration items

Are you planning to celebrate a Green Hulk theme party. Here is the most amazing pack in Green theme. This pack contains 1 Hulk Balloon + 50 Green Metallic Balloons, which can decorate your party in the most beautiful way.



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  • ABOUT: Do you want to celebrate a party in Hulk theme. This is Party decorations in Green Hulk theme, which contains all what you require to decorate your home or room.
  • CONTENT: This pack contains 1 Hulk Balloon + 50 Glamourous Metallic Green Balloons.

  • The Green metallic balloons and Hulk Balloon can be decorated in the way you want. These will add glamour and brightness all around.
  • GREAT PICS: Want to capture a great birthday party Instagram picture ?? Buy this… click, post and tag us!!! You are just one step away.
  • Mesmersing Green Hulk set for the party , from the house of Brand ‘OddnEve’, making your celebrations brighter…

Additional information

Weight113 g
Dimensions23 × 21 × 2 cm


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